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Zuzanna Stamirowska


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I'm the CEO and Co-founder of, the single, integrated processing layer for real-time intelligence. It allows easy mix-and-match of batch, streaming, and LLM architectures - all within one engine and with the same syntax.

Pathway is up to x90 faster than Flink, Spark, and Kafka Streams, and powers real-time machine learning.One day - thanks to Pathway - machines will be able to learn, in real-time, like we do.The company started with an idea that popped up in my head on one sunny morning in Chicago.

Then, I gathered an incredible team around it (ex-Googlers, including Google Brain, top competitive programmers, big tech, people who scaled unicorns in the past), and took it from an idea to reality.

This meant going through all the joys of the startup life (enterprise sales, HR, managing a deep tech project, funding, you name it). Today I am proud to say that Pathway makes a tangible difference to global supply chains by being deployed by some of the largest enterprise clients in the space and there is so much more to come!

Oh, I am also the single author of the state-of-the-art model for forecasting of maritime trade (published in PNAS, pre-PhD).