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Vanita Sabnani Dalamal

Puig Beauty and Fashion

Global Vice President Transformation, Strategy & Creative Lab

Vanita Sabnani Dalamal is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in Transformation, Strategy, and Brand Development across the dynamic realms of Art, Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, and Wellness. Her career has spanned continents and cultures, helping shape the essence of brands such as Puig Beauty & Fashion, Estée Lauder’s Tom Ford Beauty, and Sotheby’s.

With a rich tapestry of global strategic and operational experience, Vanita re-joined Puig in January 2018 in Paris to establish Puig Futures, the global innovation hub. Over the past six years, she has expanded her scope, focusing on accelerating innovation, enhancing creativity, and building forward looking brand strategies. Her drive to catalyse change is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the power of cultural transformation and nurturing creativity to steer brands toward sustainable and meaningful growth.

A relentless change maker with proven success in modelling culture transformation, Vanita is committed to the seamless integration of artificial intelligence into the corporate ethos to augment human creativity and foster a culture of continuous innovation. Her approach is rooted in creating dynamic environments by embedding AI in strategic and creative processes, contributing to her organization’s growth in a manner that is both responsible and transformative.

Vanita defines herself as a purpose-driven innovator, creative strategist, and brand storyteller. Her exceptional endeavours reflect her unwaveringcommitment to fostering corporate alchemy and harnessing the transformative power of AI to drive sustainable growth and innovation.