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Stuti Bajaj

The Adecco Group

Global Senior Vice President of HR at LHH, within The Adecco Group

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Stuti, Global Senior Vice President of HR at LHH, within The Adecco Group, is a dynamic and results-driven HR executive. As the Chief Executive HR leader on a global scale, she expertly oversees end-to-end HR processes, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency. Stuti's deep expertise in talent management and acquisition ensures that top-tier talent is both attracted and retained within the organizations she serves. A seasoned HR professional, Stuti excels in enabling leadership development and fostering effective business partnerships. Her commitment to creating a positive work environment is evident in her success in enhancing employee engagement and designing impactful rewards programs. IN THE REALM OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, STUTI HAS BEEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF INTEGRATING AI INTO HR PRACTICES. SHE LEVERAGES AI TO ENHANCE TALENT ACQUISITION PROCESSES, STREAMLINE HR OPERATIONS, AND IMPROVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. HER INNOVATIVE APPROACH ENSURES THAT ORGANIZATIONS REMAIN COMPETITIVE IN THE DIGITAL AGE BY ADOPTING CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES AND METHODOLOGIES. Stuti's impressive career includes roles at prestigious organizations such as Boston Consulting Group, Rocket Internet, L'Oreal, and Saxo Bank. She has honed her skills across various domains, including scaling start-ups to IPOs and leading digital organizational transformations. Her visionary leadership infuses agility and competitiveness into businesses, driving growth and transformation.