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Maja Vujinovic


Managing Director

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Ms. Maja Vujinovic is an investor, operator, and innovator at the intersection of emerging technologiessuch as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, payments, and longevity.

Having lived and worked in 17 different places, Maja excels in recognizing product-market fit andidentifying next-generation founders and technologies poised for global impact. Currently, as an investorin over 30 companies, her focus is on operational excellence and scalability. She also collaborateswith $4B of family offices, guiding them through the overwhelming influx of startups and theimplications of emerging technologies on their businesses.

In 2005, Maja was a pioneer in mobile payments, acquiring and developing assets worth over $700million in mobile, energy, and healthcare across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

In 2010, while working on peer-to-peer payments in challenging markets, Maja recognized the potentialimpact of Bitcoin and blockchain. In 2013, she facilitated the acquisition of the first bank for Tether.

Also in 2013, Maja became the youngest CIO of Emerging Technologies at General Electric (GE), whereshe spearheaded global blockchain and machine learning initiatives. She invited Vitalik Buterin andJoseph Lubin to demonstrate the implications of smart contracts across healthcare, energy and otherbusiness verticals. Under her leadership, her team uncovered $5B in trapped cash, prompting automationacross GE and its partners. Most importantly, Maja catalyzed the first trade-finance deal onblockchain between JP Morgan and GE, also influencing Amazon and Microsoft to offer blockchain as a service.

Maja is recognized as a sharp voice in emerging technologies, with an ability to connect the dots andbuild relationships across a variety of networks and communities. She has spoken at prestigious forumsincluding the World Economic Forum, FII Institute, Abundance360, Consensus, and global family officegatherings. Maja holds a BA double major in Political Science and Finance, and a JD from EmoryUniversity. She serves on the boards of, Republic, Civic, Prism Partners, the LongevityScience Foundation, and Coindesk.